Record Label, Sheet Music, and Licensing

Afterpostmodernism is a record label and publisher of recorded works and sheet music in physical & digital formats.

The catalog is focused on releases in the following genres:

  • Electronic Music

    • House
    • Techno
    • Jungle/Drum&Bass
    • Blips&Beeps/Glitch
    • Downtempo/Ambient
    • Experimental
  • Western Art Music (Classical)

    • Minimalist/Post-Minimalist
    • Serialist
    • Experimental/Avant-Garde

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  • Distribution
  • Lcensing
  • Performance
  • Broadcast & Sync: Film, TV, Internet, Radio
  • Score/Parts: Purchase, Distribution, and Rental
  • Derivative Works: Licensing & Creative Consultation



Ian Campbell
- Trains

Released 22 October 2015.

Written, produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered by Ian Campbell at Afterpostmodernism in Denver, Colorado.

Art direction, graphic design, typesetting, and photography by Ian Campbell.

© 2015 Ian Campbell (ASCAP).

℗ 2015 Afterpostmodernism (ASCAP). A-00003


All Eyes On Athena
- Elevator

Released 04 October 2014.

Written, produced, engineered, and mixed by Ian Campbell & Derek Koloditch at Afterpostmodernism in Denver, Colorado and Sub Sub Par Studio in Denver, Colorado.

Mastered by Ian Campbell at Afterpostmodernism in Denver, Colorado -

Art direction, graphic design, and typesetting by Ian Campbell & Derek Koloditch.

Photography © 2014 Derek Koloditch. Image editing, retouch, and photomontage by Ian Campbell.

© 2014 Ian Campbell (ASCAP) & Derek Koloditch (ASCAP).

℗ 2014 Afterpostmodernism (ASCAP). A-00002


Ian Campbell
- Early Works

Released 01 August 2008.

Written, produced, and recorded by Ian Campbell (ASCAP).

Edited, mixed, and mastered by Ian Campbell (Afterpostmodernism).

© 2008 Ian Campbell (ASCAP).

℗ 2014 Afterpostmodernism (ASCAP). A-00001.