Mastering / Mixing / Recording

Utilizing a hybrid analog/digital process with professional equipment & tools selected for your project's unique needs, Afterpostmodernism can deliver the recording, production, composition, mix, or master that sets you and your clients apart from the crowd while inspiring listeners everywhere on any platform.

All equipment can be configured for mobile recording, mixing, mastering, and production use nearly anywhere in the world; additional equipment, software, plugins, and instruments can be procured at your request. For more information, checkout the list of equipment & musical instruments at Afterpostmodernism.

Ian Campbell has over 17 years of professional experience in many genres of music, from jazz to pop, classical to rock, and country to electronica, collaborating as an audio engineer, producer, musician, sound-designer, remix artist, and composer for clients all across the United States of America. For more information, checkout the list of audio engineering credits.

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